**The entrance gate is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  There is no parking available after 4 p.m. please plan accordingly.**

Please do not park along any roadsides or in any areas designated with no parking signs.  Inappropriately parked vehicles will be towed.

Sugarloaf Mountain is OPEN

Welcome to Stronghold on Sugarloaf Mountain

Stronghold, Incorporated is a non-profit corporation, organized in 1946 by the late Gordon Strong. It owns and operates the mountain property for the public’s “enjoyment and education in an appreciation of natural beauty.”

Sugarloaf Mountain has been designated a Registered Natural Landmark because of its geological interest and striking beauty. Stronghold agreed to maintain its natural state, and your help in this regard will be a most welcome contribution.

Funds for maintenance and improvement do not come from federal, state, or municipal sources. They come from a modest trust fund, from membership dues, and from gifts and bequests of folks like you, who are interested in preserving this priceless heritage.

We wish you a pleasant stay and venture the thought that as you stand and look out upon the lovely Monocacy Valley and the mountains beyond, you will experience a moral and spiritual uplift. Gordon Strong believed that “… those who appreciate natural beauty will be better people, people who treat each other better.”

Trash Free Park:

Stronghold does not provide trash receptacles throughout the park. Please plan to pack out all trash when visiting the property.


Stronghold is requesting that visitors make a voluntary donation of $5 or more. Your donations provide needed funding for maintenance of the property and facilities. Donations can be placed in the donation box located at the entrance to the park. Donations can also be made securely online through PayPal.


Stronghold does not permit roadside parking. Visitors should park in designated areas only. Any vehicles parked in no parking zones will be towed. Stronghold Inc. accepts no responsibility for damages to vehicles parked on the property. If your vehicle is towed, you can contact Dorsey’s Towing in Frederick Maryland at (301) 663-1540. Average cost is $325.

Park Hours and Other Information:

Park hours are from 8:00 AM until sunset. The entrance gate will be closed at 4:00 PM year-round.  Please be off the property by sunset. Any vehicles found on the property after sunset will be towed by Dorsey’s Towing. Sunset times can be found HERE

All visitors are expected to behave responsibly and be respectful of the property and other visitors. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.  Porta Johns are provided and maintained for the use of our visitors.  Please do not place trash, diapers, etc. in the porta johns.  Please plan to take your trash home with you.  Picking up litter when you see it is a big help to Stronghold staff.

Sugarloaf Mountain is private property, owned and maintained by Stronghold Inc. Stronghold reserves the right to ask any visitor to vacate the property, if they are acting in any manner disrespectful of our policies or property. 

events at

Did you know you can hold your event on the mountain? The Strong Mansion is the perfect setting for weddings, banquets or any special occasion.